My gardening successes

My pear crop is very good most years

Hopefully some of my past successes will inspire you to get your gardening gloves on and have a go.

I do a lot of experimenting, this is the page of things that worked out well and the next page is those things that didn't!

Below: I've been doing really well with the acorn squash.

Last years tomatoes and melons were amazing.

Below: A monster of a tomato.

And some more 

And some pink beauties

Below: My foraged Christmas wreath.

I successfully grow pineapples in Yorkshire. Not big but delicious.

My figs are regular croppers.

Below: I have recently taken up mushroom growing.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the growing of mushrooms if you like them.

Below: And I don't even like Brussel sprouts.

Last year as part of a trial I grew Aubergines or Eggplant indoors through the winter.

Below: There's nothing like a pear at the peak of perfection.

The redcurrants in full fruit.

Below: The Yellow jets have been good for years.

Below: A selection of last years heritage tomato varieties.


This article was updated on February 29, 2024

John Hayes

I developed a love of gardening at a young age and would often help my grandfather in the garden. I like to think I am a a talented gardener with a passion for plants. I have a particular interested in growing native plants and wildflowers without the use of chemicals and artificial fertilisers. I think most people can grow something for themselves even in the tiniest spaces and that doing so has many benefits for the mind and body.

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