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Some "herb" growing indoors
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Almost everything we do impacts other people in some way.

Please bear in mind that gardening in general and trees in particular can lead to neighbourly problems.

If you damage another persons property or your livestock escape and cause damage then you are likely liable.

A quick word about cannabis:

This website is hosted in the United Kingdom where the growing of cannabis is illegal, despite the fact that most of the technology and practices were developed from the indoor grow operation.

As such there is no information about the growing of cannabis on this site nor can we condone the practise.

Home grown Tobacco:

You also need to be aware that if you grow tobacco, you are obliged to pay duty to HMRC on the finished product by weight.

I believe this is a Europe wide directive except that in typical Government tradition there is no method in place to collect any revenue from home growers. Take this to mean that if you grow a plant or two for your own consumption and do not sell or give away the product then they do not care!

Guerrilla gardening:

Guerrilla gardening, the practise of growing plants on someone else land without their permission is also illegal in the United Kingdom.

That said, provided you use wasteland or unused land, are careful to avoid dumps and toxins and don't get caught you are unlikely to end up in front of a magistrate for planting broccoli on a verge.

On the other hand, someone else may steal it, an animal may eat it and you may be liable if you do any damage to the land you are using.


Foraging by it's very nature means you have to traverse someone elses land to find fruits, berries and other crops that are growing wild.

Always make sure you have permission and honour any sharing agreements you set with the land owner. 

This article was updated on October 8, 2021

John Hayes

I developed a love of gardening at a young age and would often help my grandfather in the garden. I like to think I am a a talented gardener with a passion for plants. I have a particular interested in growing native plants and wildflowers without the use of chemicals and artificial fertilisers. I think most people can grow something for themselves even in the tiniest spaces and that doing so has many benefits for the mind and body.

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